The Syrian little girl who read poetry in a program organized in Gaziantep, both cried and reduced people into tears.

In Gaziantep, named “Sodes Psychosocial Support Center Project” program was held jointly conducted by Gaziantep Governorship, Turkish Religious Foundation and Women Family Youth Center (KAGEM) Gaziantep Branches. Ruha Hasan, a Syrian 12-year-old girl read poetry in the program, said, “We had our toys and our school in Syria, suddenly a war emerged. Everything we love have gone.”

Gaziantep Provincial Mufti Ahmet Celik, assistant muftis, KAGEM Gaziantep Branch President Zehra Ünal, representatives of NGOs and Syrians attended the to the program organized at KAGEM Culture and Art House for the Syrians who took refuge in Gaziantep due to the civil war in their countries.

“We pay the price of spiritual hunger, indifference and incompetence"

Speaking in the program, Gaziantep Provincial Mufti Ahmet Celik paid attention to the fact that Islamic countries, especially Turkiye, paid the price of spiritual hunger, indifference and incompetence.

Çelik said, “Today there are people who are very healthy but they cannot enjoy life as they have lived. They are burden to the society they live in. For this, we as Muslims look at human beings as a double wing and our aim to make a healthy way living in both materially and spiritually. These studies are not work alone. ‘Tree roars with its branches.’ As human beings we have to stand with each other.”

Syrian Emine Al-Muha also spoke on behalf of the Syrians, expressing that they wanted the war in their country to be finished as soon as possible and that they are happy to be with their Muslim brothers in Turkiye.

After their conversation, Ruha Hasan, a Syrian 12-year-old, read a poem. Syrian little girl, “We had our toys, school. Then the war started, everything we loved went away. I will go back to my country to build them again. It's not just what I'm saying. All the kids are saying that. Maybe one day when this war is over, we will welcome you in Aleppo how you have welcomed us here,” during the poetry of the Syrian little girl who could not dominate the tears, the participants also cried. (İbrahim Koçyiğit - ILKHA)

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