Speaking at the 3rd Scholars Meeting held in Diyarbakır, Mullah Beşir Varol said the situation in which the Muslim Ummah is miserable is due to the fact that Muslims fell back in the scientific field.

Moderated by Suat Yaşasın in the first sessions titled as "The alliance between scholars, the responsibility of scholars and the necessity of forming a union," Mullah Beşir Varol, a well-known scholar in the region, spoke on the "works on the madrasah to meet today's need, and the project of Medresetüzzehra: today's comparison with yesterday and renew of the project."

Varol said that the falling back in the science field caused the miserable situation of the Muslim ummah. He emphasized that the Islamic Ummah should advance itself in the scientific and technical point.

Saying that they came to Scholars Meeting to speak about their problems and find solutions, Varol said, "The situation, which the ummah is in, is obvious as we all know. We know that Islamic towns are occupied by the imperialists. There is no need to explain the situation, which in front of the eye. So, what's the reason? We want to find out why. Why is the ummah so miserable? From what I understand, it's because we fell back in the science field. We have been lazy, we dealt with unnecessary things, and we didn't care about important things. That is why the Islamic Ummah has become miserable."

Varol said the Europeans who benefit this had sent their armies and soldiers to the Muslims dozens of times, "But every time they were defeated. Those who could not go back also became Muslims. Tatars, Mongols invaded Islamic towns and massacred Muslims. But the Tatars, despite their brutality and violence, did not have much control over Islamic lands. Most became Muslim and served Islam. Why? Because Muslims were knowledgeable, they were reading. Tatars, Mongols were ignorant. The Muslims were scholars. They won us financially. In addition, we prevailed on them in knowledge. We taught them, we showed them the right. Because we knew the truth. The barbarian Tatars, despite all their murders, entered Islam group by group and served Islam. They were melted in the Islamic community."

"They learned about the weaknesses of the Muslims and then waged war on them"

Saying that the West was trying to dominate Muslims in every period, Varol said: "Westerners have come together. 'We must do what we should do and dominate the Muslims. We spend money, we invade their lands, but we can't stay there.'"

Adding that the Westerners said 'Muslims follow the Qur'an, they pursue Islam. We can never beat Muslims like this,' Varol said the westerns have changed their war tactics and charged their knowledgeable people to learn Islamic history, which they call Orientalist.

"The Muslims were deceived by the Europeans ' materialism. The Europeans read, headed forward. They studied Islamic sciences as well as other science. They advanced in the field of technology and weapons through. By reading Islamic and eastern Sciences, they also learned about the weaknesses and conflicts of Muslims. They fought the Muslims in that field. They have taken out a pre-Islamic hero from the history of each society. From the Kurds, from the Arabs, certain names have come forward. They wrote history on them. They declared them heroes in the eyes of those people," he said.

"Europeans took Muslims away from Islam through their work"

While Muslims fell into carelessness, Varol emphasized that the unbelievers were progressing in every aspect, "Then they seized the knowledge of the Hadith. By suggesting that man is not innocent, they have raised those mistakes by means and literature. By raising their goodness in the eyes of those little mistakes, they reduced the need for people to rely on the Hadiths. They reduced the people's confidence in the Hadith by backbiting the Ravi [narrator of Hadith]. The Muslims fell asleep and imitated the previous ones."

"Medresettüzzehra project was the renovation of madrasahs"

In the continuation of his speech, Varol noted that Muslims have done what they needed, said: "But today, some people don't want it. They say, "Rasulullah [Messenger of Allah] did not do it, so it is sin if we do it." That is why we shouldn't run away from novation. We are talking about a novation based on the book and the Sunnah. Due to the necessity of time, conditions and geography, some precedents have been made. There is no rule that these are valid until the last day. The case law is not permanent. The case law is based on time and space. The fatwa may change. Our respect for the previous Ulama must be infinite. If it were not for their books, we would not have learned our religion. Ustad Bediuzzaman saw the situation of the Ummah and realized the Medresezzehra project. The madrasah project was the renovation of the madrasah project." (ILKHA)

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