Families in a sit-in protest in Diyarbakır, whose children were kidnapped to the mountains, said they are saddened more to enter another school year apart from their children.

The 2019-2020 school year began on Monday for Turkey. Millions of children attended the first course on Monday in schools.

Mothers in a sit-in protest in front of the HDP Provincial Building in Diyarbakır pointed out that their kidnapped children were deprived of education.

Süleyman Aydın, father of kidnapped child Özkan Aydın, recalled that today [Monday] the first day of schools and said he is very sad because his son is not with him.

If his son was not kidnapped, painful father Aydın noted that his son would not be prepared for college exams at the moment.

If he had finished school, he wanted to be a cop. They tricked him.

"My son's mother is on medication because of her grief, and she couldn't come here because of the treatment she is receiving," father Süleyman Aydın said.

I had to come alone. My wife is distraught. My son loved school. She was studying and working at a men's salon, getting her allowance. He was a quiet boy.

"We were going to do some school shopping for my son"

My son Özkan, if he was here now, we would go shopping for his school. I was gonna get all he wanted. Education season has begun, but my son is not with me. My heart is too heavy, I feel very sorry. I just want my son to come back.

Mother Ayşegül Biçer, who acted for her son Mustafa Biçer, who was kidnapped by the PKK/HDP a year ago, said she would start school today if her son was with her.

Staging a sit-in protest for her son kidnapped child Mustafa Biçer, mother Ayşegül Biçer, said his son would start school today if her son was with her.

In the morning hours of November 17, 2018, my son left the house. He never came back. We were told he was with the YPG on November 19. My child finally went into this building and disappears, there are camera footages.
My lord, let those who cause us this pain taste the same pain

Painful mother Biçer, in tears, continued her words:

My daughters couldn't go to school because my child Mustafa wasn't with me and he couldn't go to school. My lord, let those who cause us this pain taste the same pain. My son is playing with guns and bombs on the mountains when he was supposed to be in school today.

"I'd like him to have a pen in his hand. When we came here, we said victory or death. We keep saying it. This struggle will continue until the end we will take these children alive or dead," she said.

"My son wanted to be an imam"

Biçer stated that her child had dreams when he finished school. "My son wanted to be an imam. He loved to chat. They tricked my son, ruined his life."

"I call on all the families from here; don't ever mind any threat from the PKK or the HDP, come here and let us continue our action," said grieving mother Ayşegül Biçer at the end of her words. (ILKHA)

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