On the occasion of the 6th martyrdom anniversary of Ubeydullah Durna, Vice-President of ‘Mustazaf-Der’ Yüksekova Branch, trial lawyer Mehmet Mehdi Oğuz said that the file should be brought to the agenda again.

Attorney Mehmet Mehdi Oguz spoke to ILKHA on the subject, noted that the file of Ubeydullah Durna, who was murdered in the events in Yüksekova on May 5th, 2011, should be brought to agenda to solve many unsolved murders in the region.

Oguz said that they had sent a petition to the Chief Public Prosecutor of the Republic of Turkiye regarding the murder of Ubeydullah Durna in the past few months, but that they have not received any response, “Despite six years have passed since the incident, unfortunately, no serious steps have been taken in this criminal investigation. We have applied to the Chief Public Prosecutor of Yüksekova again with the petition and asked about the developments in the file. In the public opinion, some people alleged to have been involved in this murder, and we asked about those names if any inquiries regarding these persons were made. But we did not get an answer to that petition.”

“We see that the necessary investigation has not been done at the light of the murder”

Oğuz stated that no investigations have been carried out regarding Durna's murder, pointing out that despite the 13th attack on Yüksekova ‘Mustazaf-Der’ Branch, the perpetrators have not been caught, “So we now see that the necessary investigation has not been done at the point of lightening this murder, because this murder was not an ordinary murder. It is a political murder by considering the general structure of Yüksekova in that period. We think that there is a deep structure behind of this murder. At that period ‘Mustazaf-Der’ Yüksekova branch was attacked 13 times and at the last attack, Ubeydullah Durna was martyred. No perpetrators of any of these 13 attacks were caught.”

“The dirty games in the east of the Euphrates must be investigated”

Oguz emphasized that in the July 15 US-based coup attempt, the dirty structures of FETO were unearthed, but the dirty games of the east Euphrates River had not been uncovered, “After the coup attempt of July 15, it became clear that deep structures in Turkiye. Dirty structures which work for the benefit of some, especially in the field of security, judiciary and bureaucracy have emerged. We have mentioned before that there are deep structure like these and they are behind of the murder. Unfortunately, this was not taken into account. When they clamp down on Ergenekon and on FETO, they were unfortunately not revealed their dirty works in the east of the Euphrates. If it is desired to struggle intently with FETO and other deep structures in a genuine sense, these dirty benches in the east of the Euphrates need to be overtaken and uncovered.”

At that time, although there were many attacks on the Islamic NGOs, Oğuz stated that the perpetrators were not captured and continued his words as follows:

“One of the biggest problems in Turkiye is the Kurdish issue. The main region where the Kurdish issue has taken place is Kurdish provinces in the east and southeast of the Euphrates, where many dirty games are being played and these developments lead to many political developments in Turkiye. But unfortunately at this point, those who say ‘we will face with dirty structures’ are not facing them in the east of Euphrates. Although there are many attacks on the Mustazafs Society, on many NGOs affiliated with the Prophet Lovers and HUDA PAR, we see that they are not enlightened except for two of them until today.”

“It was impossible that the police did to see the attack”

Oğuz stated that it was impossible for the police to not see the attack on the ‘Mustazaf-Der’ branch, said, “It is an event that happened in front of the police. It is not a sudden event that develops while the police are there and the cameras were recording. It was impossible for the police to not see the attack. On the other side the a member of association phoned police to intervene the events before this attack and unfortunately the police has not intervened like every time or they were too late intervention. We saw the same in the situation in the event of Yasin Börü on October 6-8.”

“Ubeydullah Durna’ file must brought to the agenda again”

Oguz who said that the murder of Ubeydullah Durna had to be brought down from the shelves and brought back to the agenda again.

As it is remembered, PKK murdered Ubeydullah Durna, Vice-President of ‘Mustazaf-Der’ Yüksekova Branch during the recording of the cameras in front of the eyes of the police in daytime.

On the other side, PKK, which has not tolerate to the Islamic activists and continued their attacks, even violated the regional traditions and attacked those who participated in Durna's funeral. In addition, they were not satisfied with this, had looted the ‘Mustazaf-Der’ Yüksekova branch, threw Qur'an and religious books on the ground and set the association building on fire. (Yılmaz Sönmez - ILKHA)

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