As the heinous attack against students with bats performing their daily prayers remains fresh in public agenda, the question of why Islamic events and religious students are being targeted comes to mind after the program of Prophets’ birthday event was banned by Artuklu University Rectorate.

The violence and oppression against religious students rise day by day. Recent attack against religious against students who were performing their daily prayers in the METU remains fresh in public agenda; the question of why Islamic events and religious students are being targeted comes to mind after the program for Prophets’ birthday was banned by Artuklu University Rectorate.

While some religious students have been being attacked on the other side some Islamic activities are being banned by threats in different university across Turkey.

As it is known 21st December was the eve of prophets’ birthday. At this occasion a lot of activities were held in many mosques of Turkey. To celebrate the birthday of prophets, conferences and panels were organized to present the message of prophets to peoples’ hearts. A similar activity was asked to be organized in Artuklu University by students of Theology Faculty. But this program under the name of ‘Leader of Freedom and salvation prophet Muhammad’ was blocked by university.

At first the program was permitted but after the speaker was declared as retired mufti Mehmet Goktas, the university rectorate prohibited the activity under the reason that Goktas’ participation is problematic. However, Mehmet Goktas participated in three different activities as a speaker during previous terms. Unable to understand the prohibition of the activity the students said that different student clubs constantly organize activities; even Rector Ahmet Agirakca himself joined Newroz activities and danced halay. But their activity was being prohibited malevolently.

By not allowing the celebration of Prophet’s Birthday and threatening the students by saying ‘I will call police if you hold this program’ Rector has been seen silence at almost all activities held by PKK members. Blocking this program in the university in which different activities held by different sections saddens people of Mardin deeply.

Beside this in some universities some student groups holding organizational activities openly and these activities are overlooked. For example, in Dicle University it is reflected in the press that while Islamic activities are prohibited some pro-PKK groups in the department of Education, Science and Architecture Faculties, founded condolence stands for killed PKK members, hang PKK banners on the wall of faculty canteens.

Why religious students and Islamic activities on target?

It is a very well-known fact by every one that fascist practices, militarizing the science houses and centering the universities as violence source by some leftist groups who are known for imposing hegemony with the help of university administrations.

It is remarked that intolerance to any other idea, leftist ideology’s heavy violence attacks especially against Muslims and religious students show their hostile feelings against Islam arise from their one of the basic pillars that regarding Islam as an enemy.

It also draws attention that even though during in their any activity they can express themselves by carrying out violence acts, their violence activities are tolerated by university administrations.

For very long time the secular mindset’s domination in the university administrations have favored leftist, liberal and democratic organizations have been paved the way for picking only secular academicians resulted in alienation to its soul due to be a home for lightening at science and knowledge and also indicate the miserable situation of the universities that they cannot be ranked in top universities in 100 or even in 350.

Families who consider the universities as a hope gate for their children to get a good education, to have a career and to get sustentation and qualification for their life, get worried about universities which are becoming a center of violence of leftist groups. (ILKHA)

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