A senior official of Trump administration said a military intervention to Venezuela remains a very serious option for the US.

"Obviously, that's a result that no one would like to see but clearly one that is seriously considered as events unfold," a senior administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told reporters Friday evening.

The United States has targeted the shipment of oil from Venezuela to Cuba.

The United States has announced that it has listed 34 ships operated by state-controlled oil company PDVSA, and 2 international companies carrying oil shipments to Cuba, to increase the pressure on Maduro in Venezuela.

The United States, which has attempted to stage a coup in Venezuela with various threats and sanctions, has now signaled "military intervention".

The high-level official indicated that diplomatic tools are running out and military option is a very serious option in a teleconferencing method answering questions of journalists.

The U.S. aims to strike Venezuela with new road tactics when it fails to stage a coup in Venezuela.

The U.S., which is after Venezuela's oil, aims to bring life to a standstill in the country through electricity cuts previously considered "sabotage" and to discredit the Maduro administration.

The U.S., which has failed to succeed in every move, targeted the shipment of oil from Venezuela to Cuba this time and announced: "military intervention" could be a serious option. (ILKHA)

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