The Zionist invaders bombed Gaza that is under the blockade.

The zionist occupiers especially targeted civilian places in the Gaza Strip, bombed many locations in the city on late Monday.

The killer invaders attacked homes, security units, and state institutions in Gaza with F16 warplanes. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh's work office in Gaza reportedly among those destroyed building by the occupation gangs.

Local sources reported that sounds of explosions were rocking Gaza successively, adding that the first airstrikes targeted a resistance post in northern Gaza, Abu Mu’amar neighborhood in the east of Rafah, and plots of land in Khan Younis and Deir al-Balah.

Qassam Brigades responded

The zionists attacks on the civilian, hospital, and state institutions were responded by the Qassam Brigades while sirens heard in the settlements of the occupying lands.

The Joint Resistance Committee, including the Qassam Brigades of the military wing of Hamas, issued a statement about the intense attacks by the occupying zionists on Gaza.

"In response to attacks by the occupying Israeli army on civilian areas, we began to respond by launching missiles on the occupied territories," the statement read.

5 Palestinians wounded in attacks

Five Palestinians, including 1 in critical condition, were wounded by F16 fighter jets and an air attack on a house in the north of Gaza.

The port of fishermen on the seashore of Khan Yunus in the south of Gaza was destroyed by four rockets fired by zionist invaders.

Ceasefire was reached

Egyptian intelligence intensified talks between Palestinian resistance movements and occupying Israel tried to mediate.

Despite the ceasefire, the zionist F16 warplanes continue to fly and attack the skies of Gaza.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum announced a ceasefire between Palestine and Zionist invaders under Egyptian mediation. (ILKHA)

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