The PKK's massacred, in which stormed on Asmakaya village in Solhan, district of Bingöl, an eastern province of Turkey, killed a mother and her 4 children in July 1993, still remain fresh in memories of lovers.

Since its foundation, the PKK has killed tens of thousands of people, including children, young and old, women and men.

Mother Mazez Karci and her children Ağa 14, Hakine 5, Gulcihan 4, and 3-months-old Semra Karci died in a bombing attack carried out by the PKK during storming on the village, while 2 other children of the same family were survived with wounds.

Witnesses to the PKK's atrocities told ILKHA that day.

Ihsan Karci, a village resident said he was a village security guard during the PKK's attack on Asmakaya village in 1993. "There were constant attacks on our village by the PKK saying 'there are village guards'."

Ihsan Karcı said the PKK stormed on the village on a July night again with the pretext that there are security guards.

They attacked the area where Karci family resides. They especially targeted the house of Aydın Karci. There were a mother and her 7 children home at that moment. They set the house on fire.

Ihsan Karci noted that he himself rescued two children from the fire.

By pointing to the house: "A mother and her 4 children burned to death in this house. They were burned alive. 5 people burned to death in this house."

Another resident Asaf Karci said that there were 17 security guards in the villages at the time and that 12 of them had to resign as a result of PKK repression.

"They poured a kind of chemical powder into the house during the raid. Then they bombed the house. According to what the wounded told me when the PKK raided the house, they asked me.

"The house collapsed in half an hour after bombing," Asaf said and added that they have collected the bones of the bodies that were burned in the house... (ILKHA)

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