At least 23 people were detained in the events following Rasmus Paludan, an anti-Islamic politician, stepped on the Holy Qur'an in Denmark.

At least 23 people were detained, allegedly linked to events in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark after Rasmus Paludan, a far-right politician known for his anti-Islam and anti-Muslim ideas, threw the Holy Qur'an to the air and stepped on it.

Rasmus Paludan, the leader of the Stram Kurs party, the enemy of Islam, threw the Holy Qur'an to up in his heinous attack he carried in the neighborhood where Muslims live intensively, and then stepped on the Holy Qur'an.

 Fuelling anger of the public, the heinous attack of the Paludan caused clashes in the city.

The angry crowd, mostly young people, set fire to the containers while the police used pepper spray to disperse them.

Reacting to the situation, Denmark Prime Minister Lars Lökke Rasmussen said the person in question is trying to put unrest among the people by taking meaningless provocations.

Danish Prime Minister asked demonstrators to counter the provocateur Paludan with arguments, not with violence that will make him gain to reach his goals.

"Do not let derogatory actions aimed at specific groups in DK ruin our unity," said Rasmussen.

Paludan also burned the Holy Qur'an during Friday prayers performed by Muslims in Denmark in front of the Danish parliament on March 22. (ILKHA)

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